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GSWLA English 12 Collaborative Research Project – Instructor Lynnette Fitch Brash
Thematic Wikis to accompany Literary Analyses - Historical Context for Anglo-Irish Literature Unit

This project addresses all four of the VBCPS COMPASS TO 2015 Outcomes for Student Success. Many of the group topics tie in with the Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution topic from the GREAT DISCUSSIONS 2009 list as well. As a result, perhaps some of you will be able to present your research wikis publicly - this would be a major feather in your cap AND great to mention on academic resumes and college applications!

NOTE: If more than one of you is in the wiki at the same time making changes, your work may be lost if a groupmate saves what he/she has been working on. The best way I know of to avoid having your efforts lost is to save them in a Word document, and then cut and paste your work into the wiki. Sometimes you can also retrieve "lost" data by hitting the back button or checking the history tab for your page.

Click here to see the Instructions for creating these wikis.

Click here to see the Grading Rubric for your wiki Research Project. Note that 50% of your grade is individual, and 50% of it is collaborative.

Click here for the Progress Self Checklist - make sure you have done everything you are supposed to have done before I grade you on these things!

Click here to see the Grading Rubric for the Oral Presentations of your wiki. You will present with your group, but you will be graded individually on this.

Click here for the link to the MLA 2009 Rules on the Purdue OWL. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the different sections. Make sure your in-text (section 2) and Works Cited/Relevant Links (sections 5-12) citations are MLA 2009 format!

MLA 2009 Formatting and Style Guide